Protect Yourself by Taking These Actions

• Keep a list of all your account numbers including your credit card numbers and their expiration dates, as well as the phone numbers of your creditors.

• Carefully review your bank statements and bills for accuracy and contact your creditors if your usual bills do not arrive on time.

• DO NOT reply to e-mail notices (even if they are official looking) that request personal or account information. Instead, call the company or go to the company's Web site if you know the correct Web address.

• Give NO personal information over the phone to telemarketers. If you wish to purchase something or to donate to a charity, ask them to send you a bill or an invoice.

• DO NOT give your credit card information to companies over the phone unless you initiated the call and have a trusted relationship with the company you have called.

• When purchasing items over the Internet, provide your credit card number only after you have established beyond a doubt that the Web site is a valid one that is controlled and maintained by a company's Privacy Statement site to determine how they use your personal information.

• If your wallet, credit cards or checks are stolen, cancel your accounts.

• Shred anything that has personal identification information on it including credit card receipts. Be sure to shred pre-approved credit offers that come in the mail.