Dealing with High Gas Prices

Gasoline prices in New Jersey have fluctuated greatly over the last year, making it difficult for consumers to budget for transportation costs.

While we cannot regulate market conditions, government officials are monitoring gas station pumps and business practices to ensure that consumers get exactly what they pay for.

The Ocean County Division of Weights and Measures inspectors protect honesty in the marketplace by using highly accurate equipment to inspect all gas stations and marinas in Ocean County. Inspectors also screen each locaton to test the octane level that is posted. All gas station pumps must be registered with the state Weights and Measures.

Weights and Measures officials are conducting inspections at gas stations to ensure that pumps are dispensing accurate amounts of fuel, that pumps and hoses are not damaged, and that advertised prices accurately reflect the price being charged.

What's a consumer to do? Use the information on our webpages on how to use less gasoline, how to avoid being scammed, and how to get the greatest mileage out of a gallon of gas.