Message from Freeholder Liasion Vicari

Ocean County is a diverse community of nearly 600,000 people. From young families just getting started, to seniors looking to enjoy a well-earned retirement, Ocean County is a great place to live. One thing all of our residents share is the constant danger of consumer fraud.

Anyone, regardless of their age or experience, can be the victim of a scam.

With the advent of the Internet, online transactions and email, scammers from around the world now have a new way to reach directly into your home. Be as cautious of an online offer as you would if a stranger knocked on your door and offered you a deal "too good to be true." The best way to combat fraud is to recognize it before you become a victim. Armed with the information on this website, you - the consumer - can rest assured that the goods and services you purchase are safe and the transactions fair.

Joseph H. Vicari
Freeholder Chairman