Contacting the Consumer Affairs Office

Our mission is to assist consumers and businesses of Ocean County.

The department staff is trained to make certain best practices are adhered to.

We welcome your phone calls and emails.

Office of Consumer Affairs
1027 Hooper Avenue, Bldg 2
Toms River, NJ 08754-2191
Phone : 732-929-2105
Fax : 732-506-5330

Weights & Measures
Phone: 732-929-2166

Energy Council
Phone: 732-929-2141

You can also email us :

 Consumer Affairs Director - Stephen Scaturro
 Consumer Affairs Administrative Assistant - Miranda Majowicz
 Consumer Affairs Deputy Director - Edward McBride
 Consumer Affairs Investigator - Brian Hagal
 Consumer Affairs Investigator - Paul Wnek
 Weights & Measures Director - Stephen Scaturro
 Weights & Measures Deputy Superintendent - Barry Wieck
 Weights & Measures Apprentice Assistant Superintendent - Rich Aubin
 Weights & Measures Assistant Superintendent - Robert Bove
 Weights & Measures Apprentice Assistant Superintendent - Justin Benz
 Weights & Measures Apprentice Asst Superintendent - Brian Decasse