Energy Conservation Tips

• Turn off lights when leaving the room or if not needed

• Have a home energy audit performed

• Ventilate & insulate attic space

• Close heating vents or radiators in rooms you do not use

• Use ceiling fans for cooling

• Lower your thermostat at night and use more blankets in the winter

• Keep your fireplace damper closed when there is no fire in the fireplace

• Turn off television sets, stereos, computers and other electric appliances whenever you are not using them

• Look for energy guide labels before you purchase appliances to compare energy efficiency

• Use energy efficient bulbs

• Check the door seal on your refrigerator to see if it is worn and needs to be replaced

• Install energy-efficient windows when replacing

• Repair and weatherize your current storm windows

• In the winter, close your curtains and shades at night and open them during the day to let the sun warm the room

• Replace or clean filters on heating and cooling systems

• Caulk and weather strip your home

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