Hiring Other Licensed Professionals

Persons or companies licensed by the State, such as plumbers, electrical contractors, and architects, are not required to register as home improvement contractors if they are acting within the scope of their profession. Before hiring any of the professionals listed below, check the Licensee Search link on the Division’s Web site or call the appropriate licensing board to determine the person doing the work is licensed to do so and that his/her license is active and in good standing.

Licensing Boards

Architects 973-504-6385
Burglar Alarm Installers 973-504-6245
Electrical Contractors 973-504-6410
Engineers 973-504-6460
Fire Alarm Installers 973-504-6245
Land Surveyors 973-504-6460
Landscape Architects 973-504-6385
Locksmiths 973-504-6245
Plumbers 973-504-6420

 New Jersey Office of Consumer Affairs