Getting Your Vehicle Repaired
It is very important that you report any defect or condition directly to the manufacturer or dealer immediately.

It is also important that you keep all repair receipts and a complete record of all contacts with the manufacturer and dealer.

How Long Should the Repair Take?

The Lemon Law allows the manufacturer a "reasonable amount of time" to repair or correct the defect. A "reasonable amount of time" means three repair attempts for the same defect or a total of 20 cumulative days out of service because of one or more defects or repairs.

What You Must Do

Before you file a claim under the Lemon Law in the Division of Consumer Affairs, you must give the manufacturer one final chance to repair the defect. A letter to the manufacturer (not the dealer) must be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, stating that you may have a claim and that you are giving the manufacturer one last chance to repair the defect.

The manufacturer should be allowed ten days following the date on the certified mail return receipt to repair the vehicle. Contact the Division of Consumer Affairs’ Lemon Law Unit for the address of the manufacturer’s regional office, to which you should send the letter.