What the Dealer Must Do
The warranty requires the dealer to correct a defective or malfunctioning part of a used motor vehicle which is covered by the warranty if the defect occurred during the applicable warranty period.

The consumer is responsible for bringing the motor vehicle to the dealer and may be entitled to a refund of the used motor vehicle's full purchase price if:

• The dealer has been unsuccessful at fixing the same material defect after at least three attempts.

• The vehicle has been out of service for 20 cumulative days while the dealer is attempting to fix it. The consumer must pay a $50 deductible for each repair of each covered item.

If during the warranty period the used motor vehicle fails to operate properly through no fault of the consumer and the dealer has had a reasonable opportunity to repair the motor vehicle and he refuses to replace or refund the full purchase price of the motor vehicle, then the consumer may be eligible for assistance under the Used Car Lemon Law.

Note: "A reasonable attempt to repair a used motor vehicle" is defined as: At least three attempts to repair the same material defect and the material defect continues to exist; or the used motor vehicle was out of service by reason of waiting for the dealer to begin or complete repair of the material defect for a cumulative total of 20 days or more during the warranty period.

It is important for consumers to contact their dealer as soon as they discover a problem with the vehicle and allow the dealer at least three attempts to fix the vehicle. Keep all documents pertaining to the motor vehicle's defect and repairs handy.