The Program Services Unit

The Program Services Unit is comprised of Counselors who are responsible for providing a wide variety of social services geared specifically to the offender population. These services are designed to provide opportunities for personal development and to help reduce the stress associated with incarceration. The Program Services Unit provides or coordinates the following services for the inmate population: intake orientation, social services counseling, individual counseling and referral, educational programming, substance abuse counseling and referral, vocational guidance and counseling, religious programming, law library research through the Westlaw Internet Database, and recreational reading library services. The offender can access any of these services simply by completing an Inmate Request Form and forwarding it to the Program Services Unit. It is the mission of the Program Services Staff to provide everyone with the opportunity to make the most of the time spent incarcerated and to help the offender make an easy transition from incarceration to eventual release into the community.

The Program Services Unit also provides opportunities for individuals in the community to help provide the valuable services offered to the inmate population through the use of volunteers. Many dedicated volunteers from the community provide numerous hours of service through Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, religious counseling and educational tutoring. The Program Services Unit is grateful to the dedicated service and support of the community volunteers who freely donate their time to make inmate programming successful.