The Business Office

The Business Office is responsible for the day to day administrative functions of the Ocean County Department of Corrections, and is supervised by Mr. Erick Kiefer, Supervising Accountant,

The duties of the Business Office include:

  • Prepares the departments current, capital and 6 year capital improvement plan budgets for the Warden's review and approval.

  • Maintains and supervises the maintenance of all accounting records and files.

  • Prepares financial and statistical reports for the department's salary & wage and operating accounts.

  • Responsible for the administration of all Federal and State Grants for the Department of Corrections.

  • Manages the Financial operation of the Inmate Trust Account and Inmate Commissary account.

  • Reviews and responds to auditors comments, concerns and recommendations.

  • Prepares resolutions and contract agreements for Professional, Inter-Government and Grant agreements.

  • Responsible for the reconciliations of all bank accounts.

  • Manages the Inmate Commissary Account to ensure accounts are properly credited and debited.

  • Collects and submits all payments payable to the Victims of Crime Compensation Board ( VCCB).

  • Approves department’s purchase and supply requisitions and payroll records for processing.

  • Prepares qualifications and bid specifications for jail purchases exceeding the county bid threshold.

  • Prepares monthly reports to the food director for all amounts expended monthly and year to date.

  • Checks disbursements and controls adherence to contractual obligations.

Also managed under the Business Office are the Health Services Contract, Food Services Contract, and Commissary Services Contract.