Inmate Telephone System

To receive calls from the Ocean County Jail, you must use a touch-tone telephone
  • When you answer a call from the Ocean County Jail, you will hear a computerized voice.

  • Wait for the voice to finish speaking, then follow the instructions to accept or reject the call.

  • If you either do nothing or select the option to reject the call, the phone will hang up without a charge to your telephone number.

  • If you choose to accept the call, begin speaking after selecting this option.

NOTE : To protect you and provide equitable telephone access for all inmates, the Ocean County Department of Corrections has placed a time limit on calls.

The call will either appear on your local telephone company bill or arrive separately in the mail.

NOTE: If you do not pay this bill within 30 days, your telephone number may be restricted from receiving calls.

Additional information is available here