• Classification staff classifies inmates into minimum, medium or maximum custody using the Objective Classification System. The process begins with a personal interview and research and review of the subject’s criminal history.

  • Inmates are classified using a scoring method which assigns a numerical value to an inmate’s current charges, severity of past felony convictions, number of past felony convictions, escape history, past institutional history, and drug or alcohol history. Certain stability factors are then applied that may result in a reduced custody score. The remaining numerical score corresponds to a recommended custody level which be overridden when appropriate. Inmates may be placed in alternate housing areas which include Special Housing, Close Custody, or a Medical unit.

  • Classification also hosts Classification Meetings 3 days per week. The Classification Committee is comprised of members of every unit within the facility. The Committee makes determinations regarding inmate housing and program eligibility. It also performs periodic reviews of all inmate classification files.

  • Additionally, Classification makes arrangements for inmates receiving a custodial sentence of 1 year or more to be transferred to the New Jersey State Dept of Corrections.