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Out & About Ocean County - A Free News Guide to Arts & Leisure Events

Out & About Ocean County is a free publication produced four times annually, which highlights arts, cultural & heritage events taking place in Ocean County.

The news guide features an extensive listing of Ocean County- based events, as well as articles within each issue which spotlight an upcoming event and its producing organization, other relevant cultural topics, and news and updates from the Ocean County Cultural & Heritage Commission.

Out & About Ocean County is the answer to the public and greater arts, heritage and cultural community's clamoring for a publication which provides a cultural "clearinghouse" of event listings from multiple countywide venues and groups throughout Ocean County, for residents and visitors alike.

Out & About Online Event Calendar

The Ocean County Cultural & Heritage Commission also maintains an Online Event Calendar which coincides with the hardcopy Out & About Ocean County publication. Visit the Online Event Calendar for a comprehensive, regularly updated listing of cultural events and meetings. The Online Submission Form listed below enters your event automatically into both the hardcopy and online formats.

 Out & About Online Event Calendar

How to Obtain a Copy of Out & About Ocean County

Out & About is available in all 20 branches of the Ocean County Library, the County Connection at the Ocean County Mall, various Ocean County parks facilities, arts and cultural organizations, the Ocean County College, other local and county government facilities, senior centers, and retirement communities.

If you would like to receive a copy of Out & About Ocean County or be added to our mailing list, please contact the Cultural & Heritage Commission at (732) 929-4779, or at culturalheritage@co.ocean.nj.us

How To Submit a Cultural Event Listing

Whether you'd like to be featured in our hard-copy publication Out & About Ocean County or our brand-new web-based event listings calendar, the method for submission of events is the same. Just fill out the  Online Submission Form and submit with one click!

Who Qualifies: Arts, Heritage, and Cultural groups or organizations that are producing an arts, heritage or cultural-themed event taking place in Ocean County.

What You Get: Listing in the web-based event listings calendar as well as the hard-copy publication. Free! (See note below for details).

NOTE: Events will be approved for appropriateness of content by a moderator before they are published. If an event listing contains foul or offensive language, or does not have an arts, cultural or heritage theme, the Ocean County Cultural & Heritage Commission (OCCHC) reserves the right to not publish it. In addition, there is limited space in the hard-copy publication, and due to this fact, all submitted events may not be published. The Ocean County Cultural & Heritage Commission reserves the right to omit certain listings due to lack of space.

Is there a Deadline?: Online Event Calendar: no deadline. Sumbissions welcome at any time. Hardcopy Publication: We will send out an up-to-date email deadline notice for each issue. If you do not already receive emails from the Cultural & Heritage Commission regarding the hardcopy publication, please email us at culturalheritage@co.ocean.nj.us and we will add you to our list.

In general, the hardcopy deadline falls a month and a half before the publication date. However, sometimes the deadline is extended. For example: October 15th would be the deadline for the Winter Issue, distributed on December 1st.

How to Get Started: Just fill out the form fields in the  Online Submission Form. When finished, hit the "submit" button. Your information will be sent to a moderator for approval. When the moderator approves of the submission, the event listing will appear immediately in the online calendar.

What if an event is cancelled, or event information needs to be changed? If you would like to change information in an event listing, or if the event listing must be cancelled, please notify the Ocean County Cultural & Heritage Commission via email with "Submission Change" in the subject line, at culturalheritage@co.ocean.nj.us, or via telephone at (732) 929-4779

If you are experiencing technical problems, please contact:
Lindsay Dandeo at ldandeo@co.ocean.nj.us, or at (732) 929-4779.
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