Academy for the Fine Arts

This innovative program provides the residents of the Ocean County Juvenile Detention with an opportunity to participate in, to learn, and to perform a variety of Fine Art activities in the following areas:
  • Choral/ Choir
  • Instrumental: private & semi-private lessons
  • Drama and Acting
  • Dance, classical and modern
As we work with adolescents in a secure setting, a core understanding of our mission is to share our talents and skills with these young people, especially since they may not have the opportunity to enjoy the Fine Arts due to lack of financial support, exposure, or encouragement.

This program offers such encouragement so that we may speak to the inner “voice” within each young person and encourage that voice to blossom and grow.

Our Faculty in the Academy for the Fine Arts consists solely of community volunteers possessing either academic or professional training and experience in their artistic field. This program meets on Sunday afternoons in the Center from 2- 4 pm.

Some of our recent guest faculty members have included a professional saxophone player, several keyboard and percussionists, professional vocalists, and an acoustic guitar player.

If you or someone you know has an artistic talent that you would like to share with our residents, please call our Recreation Supervisor Bill Lloyd at 732-288-7723 for a confidential interview.

Perhaps the Academy for the Fine Arts may become a part of your own outreach to our youngsters.

  Browse some examples of our resident's work in the Fine Arts Academy