Resident Services


The education program is governed by State Statute which mandates a minimum of 33 hours per week for at least 220 days per year.

It is administered by the Ocean County Vocational School. The curriculum mirrors that of the school districts. The teachers are all certified in the subject they teach.

The residents’ previous school records are obtained and maintained by this facility for the duration of the residents’ stay.

When a resident leaves the school records are then sent to next school attended. As a result, the resident can graduate from his/her own school district.

In addition the school program is designed to simulate the school district's atmosphere so as to prepare a juvenile to reenter the normal classroom structure.


A nurse and/or doctor examine newly admitted juveniles within 24 hours.

When the initial examination is by a nurse, a physician performs a follow-up examination within 72 hours.

A nurse is in the facility from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. daily and a doctor visits the Center every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The doctor and nurse are on call 24 hours a day as is a dentist. A dental screening is included in the health assessment.

Routine physical examinations given to all juveniles upon admission may identify for the social services and/or educational programs physical problems that would require programmatic adaptation to begin the successful implementation of these programs.


Residents are provided with a balance of daily indoor and outdoor activities throughout the year.

Outside activities include basketball, volleyball, frisbee, softball, flag football and whiffleball.

Indoor activities include a wide variety of table games, universal weight machine, and weekly movies.


All meals are cooked in a well-managed and maintained kitchen within the facility and meet both state and federal minimum daily requirements.

Three full meals are served daily, at least one of which is hot and a nutritious snack is served every night.

The cooking staff does its own baking and fresh-baked desserts are commonly found on the menu.

Staff members generally eat lunch with the residents and normal conversation is encouraged. Mealtime is designed to be a pleasurable experience for residents and staff.

Resident Hygiene

Upon admission, a resident's personal clothing is stored and each resident is issued two complete sets of facility clothing that are clean, well fitting and in good condition.

Residents also receive upon admission a packet of hygiene supplies including a comb, soap, toothpaste and toothbrush. Towels and a washcloth are supplied.

Residents shower every night and clothing is washed by staff and returned the next day.

Residents are required to keep their rooms neat and beds made. Specific instructions for the exact arrangement of clothing and hygiene articles are supplied. Residents clean their rooms and common areas daily.

Major cleaning functions are reserved for the maintenance staff.

For more information on the above policies, refer to our Resident Handbook.