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New Electronics Recycling Program Starts Jan. 1

TOMS RIVER - If Santa Claus is delivering that new high definition television down your chimney on Dec. 24th, Ocean County has a suggestion on what to do with the one it will be replacing - recycle it.

Starting Jan. 1, Ocean County will accept used televisions free of charge at its two regional recycling centers. Televisions will join the list of other electronics including computers, laptops, monitors, DVD players, VCRs, fax machines and desktop printers, recycled by Ocean County.

"According to the state Department of Environmental Protection, starting the first of the year, there will be a disposal ban on 'covered electronic devices,'" said Freeholder Director James F. Lacey, who serves as liaison to Ocean County's recycling program. "That means electronics now have to be recycled and cannot be put out at the curb as trash or sent to the landfill.

"We want to make certain our residents can abide by this new state requirement and we have made arrangements to take televisions and other electronics so they can be recycled," Lacey said. "There is no charge for the service."

Ocean County has entered into agreements with Sims Recycling Solutions, headquartered in West Chicago, Ill. and also Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia to collect the electronic equipment and recycle the materials.

Under both agreements Ocean County will store the electronic devices at either its Southern Ocean County Recycling Center in Manahawkin or its Northern Ocean County Recycling Center, Lakewood, until enough material, specified by the respective agencies, is collected.

"We will then request a pickup and the materials will be removed from our recycling facilities," Lacey said. "The materials will then be properly handled and recycled.

"The greatest benefit of this program is to keep these electronic devices out of the landfill, and to give residents an opportunity to properly recycle them in order to protect the environment here in Ocean County," Lacey said. "It's much better to offer this recycling program rather than clear the devices out of the woods and from our open space since they can no longer be placed at the curb as trash."

Lacey recommended residents contact their respective municipality to find out more about the town's recycling programs including the recycling of electronic devices.

"It's important our citizens check with the local recycling coordinator to find out the programs that are in place for recycling," Lacey said. "The more we recycle here in Ocean County the greater the environmental and economical benefits that come from it."

Lacey noted the new state law is the first of its kind to hold manufacturers responsible to ensure the equipment is recycled.

"The amount of electronic items sold by a manufacturer is the amount that must be recycled," Lacey said. "This is providing opportunities to businesses and agencies involved in the recycling of electronics to expand."

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