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County Promotes Reuse of Materials

TOMS RIVER – Ocean County is getting ready to launch a new recycling program that focuses on the reuse of materials.

"We talk about the 3 ‘Rs' of recycling quite frequently – reduce, reuse, recycle," said Freeholder James F. Lacey, who serves as liaison to the county's recycling program. "This program will help Ocean County residents reuse items by providing a central web-based exchange program.

"Someone looking for a used exercise bike, television, appliance or household item, just to name a few, might find it on Ocean County's "2Good2Waste" website," Lacey said. "This new program helps people give away or sell household items at a minimal price that would otherwise end up in the landfill."

The anticipated launch of the program is May 2 and residents of Ocean County can access the website at www.2Good2Waste.org/oceancountynj.

"Ocean County is the first and only one in New Jersey to launch the 2Good2Waste Exchange," Lacey said. "We think this can be a fun and interesting way of helping residents locate items they may need or are looking for and also help in our recycling efforts."

Lacey said residents who visit the site can see what's available from other county residents or can request to post their own items, which includes several simple steps.

"This is a free service limited to Ocean County residents," Lacey said. "There is no money exchanged between the county and those who sign up to use the site. This is strictly an exchange of goods."

Lacey said however that each new listing is approved by the exchange administrator. Lacey said there is a maximum of $99 on anything to be sold.

"There is a check and balance system here so nothing inappropriate will be posted," Lacey said. "Some common items that are exchanged on the site include furniture, bicycles, exercise equipment, appliances, televisions, toys, stereos and lawn mowers.

"I recommend our residents look around the house or garage or storage bin and consider using the exchange site instead of throwing the items in the trash," Lacey said. "The site is also a good way to promote local events, garage sales and town wide cleanups. All of these efforts combined go a long way in saving landfill space and benefiting our environment."

Lacey noted that eight other states – Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Washington and Wisconsin, participate in the program.

"Ocean County is very pro-active in developing and implementing programs that will benefit our recycling efforts," said Freeholder Director Joseph H. Vicari. "This program is aimed to do just that."

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