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Emergency Repairs To Be Completed by End of January

OCEAN COUNTY will expedite emergency repairs to reconstruct portions of Bay Boulevard on the northern barrier island in order to assist Toms River Township in its efforts to repopulate the Ortley Beach section of the township.

"Sections of Bay Boulevard were severely damaged as a result of Superstorm Sandy," said Ocean County Freeholder Director John P. Kelly. "The timetable to provide these emergency repairs to sections of this roadway has been moved up in response to the need to get our citizens back to their homes."

Bay Boulevard runs north and south on the northern barrier island and the roadway sits parallel and a few blocks west of Route 35 south. Much of the roadway in the Ortley Beach section was undermined due to storm surges and sink holes developing in the storm's aftermath.

According to Frank Scarantino, Ocean County Engineer, the county will reconstruct the north side of Bay Boulevard into a two-lane roadway in order to carry both north and southbound traffic. Currently the road is one lane in each direction with wide shoulders.

A section of the roadways grass median on the north end and south end will be paved in order to move traffic safely onto the reconstructed side of the roadway. In addition, at least five areas of the northbound side need to be dug up and repaved before it can safely be used by vehicles.

Scarantino noted that striping has already been done and the work should be completed by the end of January.

"This is a temporary emergency repair," said Kelly, who serves as Director of Law and Public Safety. "In the future we will reconstruct all of Bay Boulevard but for now it is important to fix this road in order to provide additional access for the area. It is needed for public safety and to allow for the repopulation of the area."

In addition to the temporary reconstruction work, Ocean County also will use ground penetrating radar in order to determine there are no hidden defects such as voids which could cause future collapses.

Kelly said the County anticipated a portion of the cost of the work will be reimbursed by the Federal Emergency Management Administration.

"We want to be as helpful as we can in assisting our municipalities and our citizens during this very difficult time," Kelly said.

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