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Program to Run Monthly Starting March to October

TOMS RIVER – Ocean County residents will have the opportunity to rid their homes of household hazardous waste by accessing a new monthly collection starting in March.

"We decided to take a new approach to scheduling the collection of this material," said Freeholder James F. Lacey, who serves as liaison to the Ocean County Department of Solid Waste Management. "Instead of grouping all the dates in one month in the fall and one month in the spring, we will hold the collection one day each month starting in March and running until October.

"This should provide our residents with greater opportunities to get rid of items that could pose a hazard if kept in the home," Lacey said. "We will evaluate the changes prior to the end of the year to determine its success."

The first collection dates will be March 30 at the Manchester Township Public Works Garage, April 27 at the Toms River Township Recycling Center, Church Road and June 1, Stafford Township Public Works Garage, Haywood Road. The times for all three locations will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

"We will continue to hold the collections in different municipalities throughout the County," Lacey said. "This way our residents can attend any date or location they choose."

Ocean County Freeholder Director John P. Kelly noted that by holding the collections in the warmer months, the program can be accessed more easily by both year-round residents and those who may own a second home here.

"By spreading out the collection days over several months I believe the program will get even greater use," said Kelly, Director of Law and Public Safety. "Making these programs convenient and easily accessible provides greater benefits to our citizens and our environment."

Last year, 306,951 pounds of household hazardous waste was collected and safely disposed of.

"In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy many homeowners may be cleaning out their homes as they rebuild," Lacey said. "The new schedule will provide more access to this program."

Lacey also noted that municipal recycling centers and the county's recycling centers allow for drop off of a host of materials including used paint, motor oil and car batteries.

"Our residents should check with us or their local recycling center to determine what is accepted so items do not have to take up space in their garage or basements," Lacey said.

While Ocean County's Household Hazardous Waste Collection program is free, citizens must register with the County. Residents can drop off a maximum of 200 pounds of dry material and 20 gallons of liquid. No containers over five gallons will be accepted.

The County is using funds from the State Recycling Enhancement Act Tax Fund to operate the program.

Materials accepted at the household hazardous waste collection sites are: paints, thinners, boat paints, solvents, pool chemicals, pesticides and herbicides, aerosol cans, auto products, toilet and drain cleaners, silver polishes, oven cleaners, photographic chemicals, rug and upholstery cleaners, polishes and bleaches, waste oil and used gasoline.

Lacey noted that additional dates, times and locations will be announced in the near future. The information can be found on the county website at www.co.ocean.nj.us. or by calling 1-800-55-RECYCLE.

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