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60 Individuals Served Warrants; $674,000 Owed

OCEAN County Sheriff's Officers recently fanned out across the County serving warrants on 60 individuals who have failed to pay their court ordered child support.

"I want to recognize our Sheriff's Department for their involvement in this sweep which took place statewide during the course of three days," said Ocean County Freeholder Director John P. Kelly, Director of Law and Public Safety. "The officers did a great job in not only making these arrests but also raising awareness that if you neglect to pay child support there are legal consequences."

Sheriff's Association of New Jersey [S.A.N.J.] President, Atlantic County Sheriff Frank X. Balles announced on June 26 the apprehension of 1,127 delinquent parents in SANJ's fourth Annual Child Support Warrant Sweep.

The goal of the three-day intensive Non-Support Sweep is to apprehend non-custodial parents who have failed to pay their court-ordered child support. Additional targets included parents who have failed to appear at court hearings to establish a child support order or order for medical support.

"The sweep in Ocean County was under the direction of Capt. Matthew Armstrong of the Ocean County Sheriff's Department Warrants Unit," said Acting Sheriff William Sommeling. "The officers and the support staff did an excellent job. This money is used to feed and house children. Failing to pay child support is a true failure for our future."

Sommeling said the individuals arrested owed a total of $674,431 in arrearages.

"The Ocean County Sheriff's Department is vigilant about this year-round," Sommeling said. "We participate in the annual sweep in order to raise awareness that not paying child support is a crime."

The Sweep is hosted in cooperation with the New Jersey Office of Child Support Services [OCSS]. The Sheriffs' Association of New Jersey [SANJ] is the lead agency in this event as per the Sheriff IV-D Cooperative Agreement between OCSS and the Sheriffs' Association, as authorized under Federal Regulation 45 CFR 302.34. The OCSS has commended both the Sheriffs' Association of New Jersey and the Judiciary for collaboratively supporting the Sheriff's final procedures and data report for the Sheriffs' Child Support Warrant Sweep.

Sheriff's Officers from statewide Sheriff's Offices, with assistance from other agencies, canvassed the state in search of offenders over the course of the three-day Child Support Sweep. A total of 1,127 warrants were served and approximately $315,863.07 was collected. The total amount of money owed on the warrants was $19,044,787.56.

Sheriffs' Association of New Jersey President, Atlantic County Sheriff Frank X. Balles stated "Our 21 County Sheriffs and their Officers strive to do their best during the year and especially during these sweeps to make sure that the children of our State receive the support they are supposed to receive. Our children are our most prized possessions, every parent must do everything they can to be a part of their child's life. You can never get the time back that passes by."

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