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Visitors and Residents Reminded to Recycle

WHEN WARM weather rolls around, thoughts turn to beaches, boardwalks, and boating.

Ocean County Freeholder James F. Lacey however wants visitors and citizens alike to think of the 3Rs of summer – recreation, relaxation and recycling.

"We want everyone to enjoy the warm weather and all the great activities that are going on here in Ocean County in celebration of summer," said Lacey, who is liaison to the county's recycling program. "But we also want to remind residents and visitors that recycling in Ocean County is just as important while you are here on vacation as it is in your own hometown."

Lacey suggests visitors check with their municipalities to find out recycling rules. He noted that Ocean County towns have implemented single-stream recycling which means all recyclables including cans, bottles, newspapers and junk mail can be placed at the curb in one container.

"It's important to check on how the town where you are staying collects recyclables and on what days," Lacey said.

Lacey noted that many municipalities also have recycling centers where materials can be dropped off.

Visitors and residents using beaches and marinas also should look for the big green igloos placed in visible locations throughout Ocean County.

"When you are leaving an area we encourage you to deposit your recyclables in the igloo. It is much more convenient than taking them home with you or back to where you may be staying," Lacey said. "The goal of our recycling program in Ocean County is to make it easy and convenient so people want to recycle."

Also, recycling drop-off venues are easily accessible at the county's regional recycling centers. Residents and visitors can drop-off recyclables at the Northern Ocean County Recycling Center off of New Hampshire Avenue in Lakewood and also at the Southern Ocean County Recycling Center off of Haywood Road in Stafford Township.

"These sites are open 24-hours a day, seven days a week," Lacey said. "We are also running our household hazardous waste collection program during the summer months to assist homeowners who own vacation homes in the County and need to dispose of items that cannot be tossed out in the regular trash," he said.

Lacey emphasized the importance of recycling and the environmental and economic benefits associated with it.

Since the county began operating its materials processing facility in Lakewood in 1991, more than 1,324,140 tons of materials have been processed resulting in a total savings of $95,549,942 by avoiding the tipping fee at the landfill.

"Recycling helps us to reuse materials and we save landfill space," said Freeholder Director John P. Kelly, Director of Law and Public Safety. "This is such an important program. We urge everyone to recycle."

For more information on recycling visit www.co.ocean.nj.us and click on Solid Waste Management under departments or call 1-800-55-RECYCLE.

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