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County Recycling Programs Highlighted in Directory

TOMS RIVER – Containing information on recycling programs to recycling facilities, the Ocean County Recycling Directory is now available to the public.

"Our Department of Solid Waste Management has been producing the directory annually for a number of years now," said Ocean County Freeholder James F. Lacey, who serves as liaison to the county's recycling program. "Recycling programs have been improved and expanded over the years and this directory contains all the information you need to recycle."

The directory is distributed through the Asbury Park Press on Sept. 11 and also in the Beacon newspapers on Thursday, Sept. 12. It is also available at the County Connection at the Ocean County Mall, Toms River, in addition to municipal recycling offices. The directory also is distributed at events throughout Ocean County.

"With more than 67,000 copies printed, we attempt to reach thousands of households in Ocean County," Lacey said.

Information on traditional recycling programs and programs that were recently introduced are included in the guide.
For instance, the guide contains information on recycling cooking grease which is now accepted at the county's two regional recycling facilities in Lakewood and Stafford townships.

"When cooking grease is thrown down the drain it solidifies and builds up in local sewerage and septic systems," said Lacey. "Over time this waste can clog pipes and threaten backups into homes."

The program which was implemented earlier this year, is available only to residences and not businesses. Each household may drop off up to 5 gallons of grease and oil per day.

A 300-gallon tank has been installed at both recycling centers. There is no fee to drop off the waste.
In addition, the guide has information on recycling of plastics, and e-waste.

"The guide includes important dates for Ocean County's residential shredding program and household hazardous waste collection," Lacey said. "This guide can be used year round and provides important information on all municipal recycling programs as well as the County."

Ocean County Freeholder Director John P. Kelly encouraged citizens to pick up a copy of the free guide if they didn't receive it in the newspaper.

"Recycling comes with environmental benefits and economical benefits," said Kelly, Director of Law and Public Safety. "Our citizens have embraced this program over the years and it has been our intention to continue to make it more accessible and convenient."

For a copy of the guide call 1-800-55-RECYCLE.

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