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More Than 300,000 Dune Grass Plants to Be Distributed

OCEAN COUNTY will distribute more than 300,000 dune grass plants to towns and organizations to help fortify dunes along the County's coast.

"This program is especially important this year as so many of the county's coastal towns work to create new dune systems or strengthen systems already in place," said Freeholder Gerry P. Little, who serves as liaison to the Ocean County Planning Department, which oversees the distribution program. "These plants help anchor the dune structure, aiding in keeping the sand in place along with dune fencing."

Ocean County initiated the program during the early 1990s following severe storms in the fall and early winter months that resulted in the weakening of dunes along its 44 miles of coastline.

"Dunes make a difference when it comes to providing protection," said Freeholder Director John P. Kelly, Director of Law and Public Safety. "This program helps our towns as they work toward rebuilding the dunes particularly after Superstorm Sandy."

Ocean County ordered 310,000 American Beachgrass plants. Delivery of 183,000 plants will be made to southern Ocean County shore towns in October while a delivery of 126,800 plants will be made to the northern Ocean County shore towns in November.

The amount of plants distributed is calculated by using the coastal frontage in each town.

"Dune grass plantings are held annually in our shorefront communities," Little said. "The activity is embraced by Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, environmental associations and other volunteer organizations in each town. For some, it is a fall tradition."

Ocean County also distributed dune grass in March, followed by the delivery of 100,750 feet of dune fencing in May.

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