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County to Replace Storm Drains

TOMS RIVER – Nestled behind the traffic corridor of Route 35 in Bay Head, sits Twilight Lake, a 28-acre body of water that serves as a sanctuary to birds and wildlife, and a peaceful preserve to walkers and visitors.

However, the lake, in recent years has been a source of flooding in the small borough and Ocean County officials are preparing to undertake a project to not only help alleviate the tidal flooding but also enhance the water quality of the lake.

"This lake is actually a part of Barnegat Bay and this Board of Freeholders has undertaken an aggressive program to protect and preserve the bay," said Freeholder Director John P. Kelly, Director of Law and Public Safety. "We will perform a dredging project and replace the county storm drains as they relate to the lake in order to provide relief to residents often affected by flooding and to protect the lake itself."

The Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders is scheduled to advertise the project during its Oct. 16 meeting.

"The work could begin in late January and will be substantially completed prior to Memorial Day 2014," said Kelly, who serves as liaison to the Ocean County Engineering Department. "This is an important project for an area that had been directly impacted by Superstorm Sandy. By helping to alleviate the flooding in the area, we are helping our homeowners as they continue with their rebuilding efforts."

The project will include dredging up to 17,500 cubic yards of sand and silt from the lake.

In addition, the county will be replacing the entire County storm drain corrugated metal pipe within Bay Head from Osborne Avenue to Twilight Lake with 593 feet of new reinforced concrete arch pipe with water tight joints and 13 drainage structures including manholes and inlets. Also included is back flow prevention through check valves and a new MTD or mechanical treatment device that will remove any sediments and floatables.

Also, the County will replace the corrugated metal pipe outfall in the lake with 136 feet of 36 inch diameter ductile iron pipe from the mechanical treatment device to the outfall in the lake.

"These combined efforts will bring much needed relief to the residents of Bay Head by helping to alleviate tidal flooding and we will also be improving the water quality of the lake which is in fact a part of Barnegat Bay," said Freeholder James F. Lacey, who serves as liaison to the Ocean County Road Department. "This project will bring substantial improvements to the area."

The county also is undertaking a project at Berkeley Shores in Berkeley Township that will add a mechanical treatment device to improve the water quality of stormwater discharge to the Berkeley Shores lagoons which also will directly affect the bay.

"Both of these projects are being advanced under the Governor's Save Barnegat Bay initiative and are eligible for the 50 percent grant reimbursement," Lacey said.

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