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Ocean County to Provide Recycling Grants

TOMS RIVER – Ocean County will offer recycling grants to its municipalities interested in improving their recycling programs.

"Ocean County created the recycling grant program in 2001 to assist municipalities in their efforts to maintain and upgrade local recycling centers," said Freeholder James F. Lacey, who serves as liaison to the county's recycling program. "I want to encourage our towns to apply for these grants. The more convenient we make recycling the greater the participation from our residents."

Grant application information will be distributed to the Ocean County municipalities that participate in the county's recycling program.

Applications must be returned to the County by April 25 and grant awardees are expected to be notified by June 6.

Applicants will be evaluated by the Grant Review Subcommittee of the Ocean County Solid Waste Advisory Council.

"Recycling comes with built in environmental and economic benefits," said Freeholder Director Joseph H. Vicari. "It helps to save landfill space and our municipalities save on tipping fees at the landfill. This is a win-win program."

Lacey said the grant program offers financial assistance to interested municipalities who want to improve their recycling efforts.

"This program supports the demand for more recycling containers in public places like parks and municipal complexes, improvements or development of resident recycling drop-off centers and it helps to raise awareness by funding the creation of educational materials," Lacey said.

The County will distribute a total of $100,000 in grants. The maximum amount of funding for any single municipality that the County will provide for containers or educational material will not exceed $5,000 and the maximum amount for improvements to drop-off centers will not exceed $35,000. The municipality must provide a 50 percent match to the County grant.

"Making recycling convenient helps encourage the practice by our residents," Lacey said. "These grants help with funding from the county so that municipal recycling centers can be state of the art and residents will want to use them."

To date, the county has distributed more than $1 million in grants.

Funding for the grant program comes from the State Recycling Enhancement Grant Fund, and also from the Ocean County Recycling Revenue Sharing account.

"Whether it be education or capital purchases, these grants enhance not only the municipalities' recycling program but ultimately the county's," Lacey said. "We continue to make every effort to encourage our residents to recycle.

"We know that for some of our residents this is second nature," Lacey said. "But we are also aware others continue to be reluctant and we want to get them on board."

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