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Never Too Soon to Prepare for Winter Weather

GRANTED WE are still talking temperatures in the 80s and it's still summer but Ocean County officials are taking no chances when it comes to preparing for winter weather.

"The Ocean County Road Department is making certain our salt sheds will be full so that we are prepared for winter weather," said Freeholder James F. Lacey, who is liaison to the Road Department. "Last winter was tough on our roads with lots of snow and ice having to be removed so motorists could safely get to where they needed to be."

Lacey said the county is now spending about $69 for each ton of salt purchased this year which is about a $10 increase per ton from last year.

"We use it sparingly," Lacey noted. "But we can't predict the weather and when we have snow and ice we have to make certain our roads are safe."

Ocean County has the largest county road network in the state with more than 620 miles of roads and about 1,600 county lane miles.

Last year, Ocean County started the winter season with 25,000 tons of salt, and had replenished that amount prior to a late January storm. Like other counties and municipalities, Ocean County, while receiving small deliveries of salt, found its supply running low with replenishments difficult to find.

"Our county road department did the best job possible in making certain roads were cleared and safe during what was a very rough winter," said Freeholder Director Joseph H. Vicari. "We are doing all we can to make certain we are prepared for this year's winter season."

The Ocean County Road Department also stores several hundred tons of sand grits available to use as a backup. Sand grits help with traction on the roadways.

The seven salt sheds operated by the county are being filled now and will be full by October. The county will again start the winter with 25,000 tons of salt.

"No doubt about it, we'll be ready," Lacey said.

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