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TOMS RIVER – Ocean County officials say they want a voice on the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

"Ocean County is home to the longest stretch of Garden State Parkway – more than 40 miles - and a vast majority of the 90,000 commuters living in the County use that road," said Ocean County Freeholder Director Joseph H. Vicari. "Ocean County deserves a seat at the table of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority."

The Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders is scheduled to approve a Board resolution requesting the current vacancy on the Authority's Board of Commissioners be filled by an Ocean County representative.

"For many years we worked hand in hand with the then Parkway Authority," said Ocean County Freeholder John P. Kelly, who serves as liaison to the Ocean County Engineering Department. "With the support of then Commissioner Joe Buckelew, a former Ocean County Freeholder, we successfully worked in partnership upgrading many areas of the parkway providing for a better and safer road for the many motorists that use it."

State legislation also has been introduced by 9th District Sen. Christopher J. Connors and Senator Jeff Van Drew of the 1st Legislative District that would provide Ocean County with a greater voice and South Jersey representation on New Jersey Turnpike Authority matters.

"We appreciate the efforts of our state legislators," Vicari said.

In addition, Freeholder Vicari also penned a letter to Gov. Chris Christie requesting representation on the Authority.

"I would respectfully request that you consider appointing an Ocean County resident to the New Jersey Turnpike Authority," Vicari stated in the letter. "I understand there is a current opening on the Board of Commissioners and this would be a perfect time to afford Ocean County the representation that it merits."

Vicari noted that he and his colleagues on the Board strongly feel that an Ocean County representative would better convey the needs and concerns of the County's motorists, especially when it comes time to discuss any future improvements and upgrades within the County's borders.

"I urge you to give strong consideration to our request," he said.

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