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OCEAN COUNTY officials say County government departments and agencies are prepared for a nor'easter moving its way up the coast.

"Ocean County is always prepared for extreme weather events," said Freeholder Director Joseph H. Vicari. "From the Ocean County Office of Emergency Management to our Road Department, county staff is always ready to respond."

Ocean County Freeholder John P. Kelly, who serves as Director of Law and Public Safety, said the Ocean County Office of Emergency Management under the leadership of Sheriff Michael G. Mastronardy is the lead agency in the county when it comes to storm preparations and assisting towns during an event.

"From monitoring weather conditions to establishing shelters when necessary for people and pets, to making sure resources are available to municipalities, emergency management works hand in hand with our towns and all agencies to make sure we are prepared and our citizens are kept from harms' way," Kelly said.

Vicari noted that the nor'easter on Jan. 23 is expected to bring strong winds and heavy rains to Ocean County.

"Our residents need to be prepared. Secure outside furniture and items, take precautions traveling like giving yourself extra time if you have to leave the house, and keep an eye on your neighbors are all good suggestions to remember during severe weather," Vicari said.

Kelly added that Sheriff Mastronardy and the Office of Emergency Management have improved technology for getting important information to Ocean County residents.

"Waiting for a weather event to happen is not the time to think about what to do," said Ocean County Sheriff Mastronardy. "I suggest our residents and visitors go to our OEM website which can be accessed from the Ocean County Homepage at www.co.ocean.nj.us and click on ‘Be Prepared,' the information is very useful."

Mastronardy noted an app for the Sheriff's Department also is available to the public. Information is updated in a timely manner and covers weather events and preparing for emergencies.

He also recommended having a battery powered radio and flashlights nearby should the power go out.
Mastronardy said winds have brought down some power lines in Ocean County.

"Be cautious when traveling and if you see downed lines stay away from them," he urged.

Mastronardy recommended residents and visitors become familiar with the telephone numbers for their municipality's Office of Emergency Management.

"Good information and correct information is imperative when it comes to weather emergencies," he said.

He added that people must refrain from calling the emergency 911 number unless it is a true emergency.

"911 operators are there to assist during life threatening situations. It is not to provide general information," he emphasized.

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