Medicaid Program Descriptions 2
Medicaid information page 2

Senior Assisted Transportation Services (SATS) - Transportation services provided by Retired and Senior Volunteers to Ocean County residents 60 years old and older to benefit the individual's health and welfare.

Senior Services to the Elderly Transportation (SSE) - Assisted transportation services provided to Ocean County residents 60 years old and older to secure housing, benefits, and nutrition as well as to access medical care and other services related to the health and welfare of the individual who is not receiving transportation services through other programs.

Transportation Assistance Program (TAP) - Transportation services to doctor appointments, shopping, work sites, etc. are provided to elderly and/or disabled residents who are ineligible for services under other transportation programs.

Voter Registration

Effective January 2, 1995, the National Voter Registration Act was implemented in New Jersey. Accordingly, staff offers all eligible applicants/clients the opportunity to register to vote at each application, address change, recertification, or redetermination interview. Completed voter registration applications are mailed to the Ocean County Board of Elections weekly.