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Safe Housing and Transportation Program

The purpose of this program is to provide home repairs necessary to alleviate conditions which are determined to adversely affect the health and safety of county residents age 60 and older. Recommendations on needed home repairs for eligible individuals are made once a home inspection is completed. Additionally, escorted transportation is available to eligible individuals who require safe transportation to attend to their activities of daily living.

Social Services

Board provides information and referral services to county adults without regard to income. Information and referrals are directed to adults in need of protective services, transportation, home repairs, and other services. Information and referral services are also available to residents in boarding homes.

Statewide Respite Care Program

This program provides respite services to families experiencing fatigue and stress due to long-term caregiving of frail, elderly, and/or disabled members. Services are short-term and can be arranged on an intermittent basis or for a specific period of time. Respite care makes use of a variety of short-term services to meet the specific and limited goal of providing caregivers with temporary relief from the physical and emotional demands of caregiving. Families or individuals providing unpaid basic daily care at home to a functionally impaired adult over age 18 are eligible for services. Priority is given to families where the impaired member is at risk of long-term institutionalization due to the inability of the caregiver to continue in that role.

Supportive Assistance to Individuals and Families (SAIF)

This program is an intensive case management program for Work First New Jersey recipients who have received more than 48 months of assistance. It also provides additional support to families and individuals who have been unable to become self-sufficient because of serious barriers.

Work First New Jersey (WFNJ) Case Management

Case management services are provided to TANF/GA/SSI recipients with serious barriers to employment and self-sufficiency. The WFNJ case management unit handles cases involving domestic violence, homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, and mental illness.