Solid Waste Management

 James F. Lacey,
Freeholder Liaison

 Ernest J. Kuhlwein, Jr.,
Director, P.E., P.P.

 Office : 129 Hooper Avenue
P.O. Box 2191
Toms River, NJ 08754
 Phone: (732) 506-5047
 Toll free: 1-800-55-RECYCLE
 Fax: (732) 244-8396

 Northern Recycling Center:
  New Hampshire Avenue, Lakewood
  Hours of operation : 7:30am - 3:00pm
Open Monday through Saturday
(Saturday residents only)
 Phone: (732) 367-0802
 Fax: (732) 942-8482

 Southern Recycling Center:
  379 Haywood Road, Manahawkin
Hours of operation : 7:30am - 3:00pm
Open Monday through Saturday
(Saturday residents only)
 Phone: (609) 978-0913
 Fax: (609) 597-5321

Propane tanks disp

For consumer's safety, the National Fire Protection Association enacted code changes concerning certain propane cylinders. These code changes appear in "NFPA 58," a booklet of National Fire Protection Association codes published for the propane industry.

As of April 1, 2002, an Overfill Prevention Device (OPD) valve is required on typical 4# to 40# size propane cylinders.

This size cylinder is usually used to fuel outdoor grills, camp stoves, etc. After April 1, 2002 these cylinders cannot be filled without the OPD valve.

The OPD valve is a float-activated device designed to assist propane refilling to safe levels, thus reducing the possibility of hydrostatic relief valve discharges.

Propane cylinders with an "OPD" valve can be easily identified by looking for the "OPD" stamp on top of the handwheel.

If your municipal recycling center does not accept propane tanks, please contact your local propane distributor for proper disposal or exchange of your propane tank.

If you have a gas grill propane tank that you no longer need and would like to recycle, write "RECYCLE" on the tank and take it to any Blue Rhino location. Blue Rhino will collect the tank and refurbish it if possible. If the tank does not meet there safety and quality standards they will recycle the tank. Residents can recycle propane tanks of any brand so long as the tanks are standard sized (20lbs.) tanks, and there is no charge to participate in their program. To find a Blue Rhino location nearest you, Click Here