Innovative Technology Award - November 2013

This award is presented to a nominee that demonstrates the use or deployment of a new or alternative method, procedure, process, system or facility which results in greater environmental protection than other technologies in current practice; or, comparable results at lower costs in terms of energy, natural resources or environmental impacts.

The Barnegat Township School District embraces energy conservation programs that use technology in innovative ways to help reduce energy use and save money. The district has an Energy Savings Improvement Plan, utilizes solar panels;\, and has a partnership with Cenergistic, a private firm that focuses on energy use reduction. This effort has resulted in a $1.9 million, or 40 percent, energy cost savings. The program has been the impetus for lighting and equipment upgrades that will provide estimated cost savings to the district of more than $350,000 over a 15-year period. The district also recently installed solar panels at all six of its schools. In just one month, the panels generated 990,597 kilowatts.

The Innovative Technology Award is presented by Governor Jim Florio and NJDEP Commissioner Bob Martinto, to Karen Wood, Superintendent of the Barnegat Township Public School District

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