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Miscellaneous Forms

This group of forms are used in transferring items involved in an estate. This would include forms for completing estate work along with information sheets to be filled in and mailed, or sent by facsimile transmission (732-506-5087), to the surrogate's court in order to expedite the preparation of estate papers.

Affidavit of Residence  (PDF)
This form is used when the death certificate shows the decedent's address is incorrect. The person who can sign this form must be an uninterested party to the estate. (Such as a good friend or neighbor who does not inherit from the estate)

Affidavit of Domicile (used for stock) (PDF)
This form is used in the process of tranferring stock.

New Jersey Motor Vehicles Form for Surviving Spouse (PDF)
This form is used to transfer an automobile that is jointly owned between husband and wife.

Refunding Bond & Release Form  (PDF)
This form is used to show that you have received your part of any estate and wish to release the Executor or Administrator from bond, if one was necessary. This form must be signed in the presence of a notary public

Sample of a Refunding Bond & Release Form (PDF)
This sample form shows how the refunding bond and release form should be filled out.

Estate Information Sheet (PDF)
This form is used when you plan to mail the estate information to any Surrogate's Court in New Jersey. It is to be mailed along with the Original Will (if one exists) and the Death Certificate with a raised seal.

Guardianship Information Sheet (PDF)
This form is used when you plan to mail the minor's information to any Surrogate's Court in New Jersey.

Release of General Guardian  (PDF)
This form is to be used to release a Guardian that has been bonded.

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