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Administration Building/Indoor Training Area

       Upon arrival at the Ocean County Fire and EMS Training Center, your first sight is the Administration Building. This 2000 square foot building houses the offices of Harold R. Morris, Training Center Director: Stephen J. Brennan, EMS Coordinator, Raymond L. Van Marter Fire Training Coordinator and the office personnel. There are five classrooms, all of which are capable of holding up to 35 students. Two of these classrooms are separated by a collapsible partition that, when opened will hold a maximum of 120 students. On the opposite end of the Administration Building you will find an indoor training area. This garage-like room has dual-overhead garage doors, which allow entrance for fire trucks, ambulances or any other type of apparatus that is needed for training. With a second-level mezzanine instructors and students are able to observe training done on ground level.

       The classrooms promote the necessary learning environment needed in order for the volunteers to absorb the material given on each specific course. EMS and Fire Instructors have the ability to expand their course offerings to include stronger lectures and skills sessions.

       The indoor training area is attached to the Administration Building. It has 25 foot overhead doors at both ends, and a second floor mezzanine for observation. It is used for hands on training, lecture and graduation ceremonies.

       The area provides a versatile location to enhance hands-on skills. These skills include SCBA preparation, ropes and knots practice and salvage and overhaul skills as well as patient removal from vehicles, patient lifting and moving and rapid take down of patients during critical times. We are continually exploring new ways to use this area.

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