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Picture of The Burn Building

Burn Building

       The Burn Building is a 900 square foot, two-story building. It is the only building that is mainly earmarked for firefighters because of the need for certification to enter into such hostile environment. It is a combustible environment simulator run by natural gas that was created by Symtron Systems, Inc. It can be computer controlled from the Control Tower or each room can be individually controlled by keypads located outside of each mock-up room. Each room exemplifies a room you can find inside a typical residence or commercial building. There is a kitchen area, bedroom, and garage or commercial building. This can also be transformed into a basement fire by changing the direction from before which the firefighters enter the room. The roof of this building also allows for a scenario of roof ventilation where the firefighter is able to axe or saw his/her way through the roof and ventilate for more fire control.

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