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Picture of Extrication Pad / Staging Area

Extrication Pad/Staging Area

       The Extrication Pad and Staging areas are located directly behind the Administration Building. These two areas have a multitude of uses including the proper placement of fire and EMS apparatus during incidents. They are also used for the Basic and advanced extrication of cars, trucks and buses. Each pad can be used for vehicle fires as well.

       The staging area can be used to train volunteers to properly operate emergency vehicles, enhance the EMS personnel's ambulance driving orientation as well as facilitating Helicopter Landing Zone Scenarios.

       These areas are also used for "Bicycle Rodeos" that train our children in bicycle and road safety. Community Medical Center and the Ocean Township Police Department have sponsored "Bicycle Rodeos" at the Training Center. Lastly, these areas can be used as landing zones for helicopter landing in the event injured persons in the area need to be transported to a critical care facility.

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