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About Us


To reduce the impact of abuse and minimize secondary trauma to child victims.


A children's advocacy center is a comprehensive, child friendly facility that provides a multi-disciplinary team response to allegations of child abuse. It brings together members from law enforcement, child protection, prosecution, mental health, medical and victim advocacy, to make team decisions regarding the management of child abuse cases. When working with child victims, the team utilizes a"child first "approach to ensure that children are not revictimized.


The Ocean County Child Advocacy Center is a ranch style house with a warm and welcoming nautical theme throughout the building. Our waiting rooms resemble living rooms and are equipped with televisions, toys, games and books.

A forensic interviewer and possibly other professionals involved in the case, will meet with you to explain the process and answer any questions you may have. While your child is being interviewed, an advocate may meet with you to provide emotional support, information about the justice system and referrals to counseling and services.

The interview takes place in a comfortable child friendly room that
minimizes stress to the child and allows the interviewer to gather
accurate information regarding the allegations. Forensic interviewers have specialized training in interviewing children. They are experienced in conducting interviews of children of all ages and will do so in a non-threatening, non -suggestive, developmentally appropriate manner.

Other Services Provided By The CAC May Include:

Medical exams by a Certified Forensic Nurse, mental health referrals, victim/witness advocacy, community outreach services and prevention programs.