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PREA, the Prison Rape Elimination Act

PREA, the Prison Rape Elimination Act, was passed by Congress in 2003. The standards for PREA become effective August 20, 2012. PREA supports the elimination, reduction, and prevention of sexual abuse and sexual harassment within corrections systems.

PREA establishes a zero-tolerance standard for the incidence of sexual abuse in confinement settings in the United States. PREA makes the prevention of sexual abuse a top priority in each correctional system. PREA develops and implements national standards for the detection, prevention, reduction, and punishment of prison rape. PREA increases the accountability of corrections officials who fail to detect, prevent, reduce, and punish prison rape. PREA requires the collection of statistical data regarding the prevalence of sexual abuse in facilities.

Any information regarding sexual abuse occurring within the Ocean County Department of Corrections can be reported to the Ocean County Department of Corrections Internal Affairs Bureau at (732)929-2043 ext. 4702 or email mpedone@co.ocean.nj.us.

Upon request, our previous year’s End of the Year Report regarding sexual abuse and sexual harassment, is available. Please contact Detective Sergeant Matthew Pedone at (732)929-2043 ext. 4702 or email mpedone@co.ocean.nj.us.

The full Ocean County Department of Corrections policy on PREA is available upon request. Please send your request to jhaberbush@co.ocean.nj.us

Inmate Bails and Charges

Access to inmate information


A searchable database of currently incarcerated inmates may be accessed at this link: 




If you are in need of additional information regarding a particular inmate, i.e. bail, charges, etc., please feel free to call our main number and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you.


Ocean County Jail:  (732) 929-2043

Inmate Telephone System

To receive calls from the Ocean County Jail, you must use a touch-tone telephone

  1. When you answer a call from the Ocean County Jail, you will hear a computerized voice.  Wait for the voice to finish speaking, then follow the instructions to accept or reject the call.
  2. If you either do nothing or select the option to reject the call, the phone will hang up without a charge to your telephone number.
  3. If you choose to accept the call, begin speaking after selecting this option.

        NOTE:  To protect you and provide equitable telephone access for all inmates, the Ocean County Department of Corrections has placed a time limit on calls.

  1. The call will either appear on your local telephone company bill or arrive separately in the mail.

        NOTE:  If you do not pay this bill within 30 days, your telephone number may be restricted from receiving calls.

Additional information is available at http://www.gtl.net/ .


Inmate Mail and Money

Inmate Mail

If you wish to send a letter to an inmate, simply address the letter as follows:

Inmate Name and ID number

Ocean County Jail

PO Box 2191

Toms River, NJ 08754


Outgoing Mail


There is no limit on the amount of outgoing correspondence an inmate may send.


Incoming Mail


There is no limit on the amount of incoming correspondence an inmate may receive.


All incoming mail is subject to search in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


Do not send cash in the mail.




As of June 1st, 2013, Commissary Gift Packs (Securepak) may be ordered for delivery to inmates housed in the Ocean County Jail.


Inmates have access to an extensive inmate commissary from which they can order a variety of food and personal hygiene products.  Any packages  sent in from outside the facility shall be refused.


Books, Magazines and Periodicals


Magazines, books and other authorized publications that are intended for delivery to a particular inmate are acceptable only when mailed from the publisher and must contain a packing slip or invoice with the address and phone number of the publisher.


Only soft cover books will be accepted.


Books ordered from online publishers must come from a "dot-com" domain, i.e. amazon.com, and meet the above criteria.

Publications received for an inmate that are volatile, breach security or are violence oriented shall be placed in the inmates property.


Newspapers are supplied by this institution.


Depositing Money into an Inmate's Account


There are kiosks located in the main lobby and in the Bail Office located behind the facility on Court House Lane for deposits.

Deposits can be made from other locations using the internet: Access Secure Deposits www.inmatedeposits.com or by calling 1-866-345-1884

Facility fees and medical fees will automatically be deducted from inmate accounts.

All commissary transactions are processed by the Keefe Commissary Network..

All personal money transactions are processed by the Inmate Accounts Unit.

Money dropped off or mailed into the facility will be credited to the inmate’s account.

Only money orders, certified bank checks, checks from other facilities or state treasury checks will be accepted

Checks and money orders will be stamped "For Deposit Only" in the inmate’s trust and deposited into the bank. They will receive a receipt.

Payroll checks are not accepted.

Personal checks will be returned to the sender.


Do not send cash in the mail.


Processing Fee and User Fee Notification

The Board of Chosen Freeholders has adopted a County Policy which commences on January 1, 2012 wherein inmates remanded or committed to the Ocean County Department of Corrections will be assessed an initial Processing Fee of One Hundred and Twenty-five dollars ($125.00). This Processing Fee represents the actual average cost to process an inmate into the Facility and release the inmate from the facility. This fee has been authorized by a Resolution passed on December 21, 2011

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