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The headquarters of the Bay Head Historical Society Museum is the "Loveland Homestead", an authentic farmhouse which was built in 1867 by the Loveland family, a prominent family from England. It is located at 1643 Bay Avenue on the corner of Bridge Avenue, at the base of the Lovelandtown Bridge.
The farmhouse has been reconstructed as it was in the mid 19th century and has hundreds of period artifacts, maps and pictures on display.
One of the most prominent yachtmen of the Barnegat Bay region was F. Slade Dale. He started a boat yard in 1927 called Dale Yacht Basin, which exists to this day in Bay Head. For many years in the 1930's, he lived in a small house on a dock at his boatyard.
The Bay Head Historical Society has located that house and relocated it to the property at Bay Avenue & bridge Avenue.A recreation of the original dock was completed and the house now sits upon it. The "Dale Building" is filled with boat models and other artifacts from Slade Dale, his boatyard and his era.
    The Bay Head Historical Society has a number of historical vessels on display, inicluding a 1940's era Hankins rowboat, a 14-foot Sandpiper sailboat used since the early 1930's on Twilight Lake and a 19-foot Lighting Sailboat, built by Hubert S. Johnson in 1943 for his daughters Florence and Isabel. The lighting has been restored and is in excellent condition.
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