Historic Lifestyles

What is a whiffletree? 
  a.  A tree that only grows in Ocean County?
b.  A crossbar that attaches a wagon to the harness of a horse.
c.  A tree that lost its leaves to infestation by the whifflebug.
2) What is a bog iron?
  a.  Iron used to make bogs
b.  Iron smelted from bogs
c.  Iron mined from ore found in swamps.
3) What is pig iron ?
  a.  Iron used to make a fence around a pig pen
b.  Melted iron that is poured into molds that form long bars when cooled.
c.  Iron that looks like a pig
4) What is a forge?
  a.  A stockade or fort
b.  A counterfeit dollar bill
c.  A shop with a furnace where iron is made into various products
5) What is an outhouse?
  a.  A little building with a privy
b.  A building that is the opposite of an "inhouse"
c.  A house that is located outside the center of a village or town
6) What is a chamber pot?
  a.  A container used to grow plants indoors
b.  A special container used before inside toilets and plumbing
c.  A container shaped like a pot
7) How long did it take a person to travel from Toms River to Philadelphia in 1820? 
  a.  2 hours
b.  2 weeks
c.  2 days
8) What is glass made from ?
  a.  Sand
b.  Clay
c.  Iron
9) What did young girls who lived in the in the 18th and 19th centuries expect to do when they grew up?   
  a.  Become a wife and mother
b.  Get a job
c.  Graduate from High School and go to College
10)   What is a duck decoy?
  a.  A duck that flies alone
b.  A duck without feathers
c.  A man-made duck
11) What subjects were taught in school in the 19th century?
  a.  Computer science
b.  Reading, writing, and arithmetic
c.  Automobile mechanics
12) Why is the ceiling lower in some of the rooms in old houses?
  a.  Because people were shorter then and could stand up straight even under the lower ceiling
b.  Because they didn't know how to build houses with high ceilings
c.  Because it took less heat to make a room warm during the colder months of the year
13) What is the difference between a blimp and a dirigible?  
  a.  A dirigible is smaller than a blimp
b.  A dirigible is rigid, unlike a blimp
c.  A dirigible cannot be steered, but a blimp can be
14) What is a Sneakbox?
  a.  A special box that can be used to hide secret things
b.  A box marked out on the floor where a person is allowed only to tiptoe within its boundaries.
c.  A boat
15) In what year was Ocean County chartered (established) by the New Jersey State Legistlature?
  a.  1850
b.  1750
c.  1950