Who was the first European explorer known to have set foot on Ocean County soil and subsequently sailed into the Toms River?
  a)  Christopher Columbus
b)  Cornelius Hendrickson
c) Henry Hudson
2) Who is rumored to have buried treasure on Money Island?
  a)  Jean Lafitte
b)  Edward Teach (Blackbeard)
c) William Kidd
3) When did the New Jersey State Legislature create Ocean County by subdividing Monmouth County?
  a)  January 15, 1850
b)  February 15, 1850
c) February 15, 1860
4) Who was a founding father of Ocean County?
  a)  Joseph Brick
b)  Lord John Berkeley
c) Joel Haywood
5) What was the population of Ocean County in 1850?
  a)  10,032
b)  1,032
c) 100,032
6) What is one of the early names for Tuckerton?
  a)  End Of The Shore
b)  Middle of the Shore
c) Port-Town
7) Among the notable guests who visited Laurel House in 1884 were William Cullen Bryant, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and President Grover Cleveland and his family.  Where was Laurel House located? 
  a) Tuckerton
b)  Beach Haven
c) Lakewood
8) Elizabeth Lee of Plumsted became famous for her jams and jellies made from what fruit?
  a) Cranberries
b)  Blueberries
c) Raspberries
9) The graves of two African American brothers, who fought in the Civil War, are located in Zoar Cemetery, New Egypt (Plumsted Township),  What are their names?   
  a)  Joseph and William Binn
b)  Edward and Thomas Finn
c) Frederick and George Winn
10)   What United States Army general was in charge of the construction of Barnegat Lighthouse by the Army Corps of Engineers?
  a)  General Ulysses S. Grant
b)  General Robert E. Lee
c) General George G. Meade
11) In what town was the earliest known Ocean County (then Monmouth County) one-room schoolhouse located?
  a)  Dover Township
b)  Plumsted Township
c) Stafford Township
12) What is the municipality on Long Beach Island whose name is associated with one of the many maritime disasters that occurred along the Ocean County coast?
  a)  Barnegat Light
b)  Surf City
c) Ship Bottom
13) What happened at the Toms River Block house on March 24, 1782?  
  a) It was the site of the capture of the infamous renegade Pine Robber John Bacon by Captain Joshua Huddy and his militia.
b) It was the site of a skirmish between a loyalist militia of twenty-five men commanded by Captain Joshua Huddy.
c)  Nothing happened there.
14) Who invented the life-car?
  a)  William Newell
b)  Hugh McLellan
c) Joseph Francis
15) Who was the founder of the United States Life Saving Service, precursor of the United States Coast Guard?
  a) William Newell
b)  Hugh McLellan
c) Joseph Francis