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The phonograph is an electromechanical instrument for producing sound from a record or cylinder.  Thomas Edison invented the Phonograph and on December 4, 1877, became the first person to ever record and play back the human voice.

CD Player/MP3 Player
If you want to listen to Britney Spears or N' SYNC, you play their music in a CD player or an MP3 player!

Printing Press
Today there are thousands of books, newspapers, and magazines being circulated.  This would never be the case if not for Johannes Gutenberg.  In 1448, Gutenberg invented the moveable type printing press that was styled after a wine press.  The printing press held a series of blocks.  Each block had an individual letter or picture.  Ink was rolled over the type and then the type was pressed on a sheet of paper.  The first book ever printed was the Gutenberg Bible.


Ink Jet & Laser Printers
Today we use Ink Jet or Laser Printers.  These printers are usually hooked up to a computer which can print out many copies of any type of publication.

Rug Beater
Before the vacuum cleaner became a presence in every home, the rugs were hung on a clothesline where they were beaten free of dust and dirt with these handy household rug beaters.

Vacuum Cleaners
Today almost every home has a vacuum cleaner.  They are usually plugged into an electrical outlet and power sucks up the dirt from floors.

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