Children's Inter Agency Coordinating Council
Jamie Busch, Coordinator
Behavioral Health, Child Protective Services, and Education Systems Partnership

The mission of the CIACC Education Partnership is to promote, develop, and enhance collaborative efforts between school, behavioral health and child protective service systems and other interested parties to improve the well being of children in Ocean County.

The Partnership was conceived in 2006 by members of the CIACC who recognized a need for ongoing, standardized exchange of procedural information between local schools, the child protective service agency and children's behavioral health programs. The services and supports available for children are continually growing and evolving. Through this Partnership, professionals from each of the three systems are provided up-to-date, ongoing training and education on the services that are available and how to access and effectively coordinate with those services, which will help ensure that children receive the help that they need. Through enhancing the knowledge of and communication between professionals, Ocean County children may see the full benefit of these systems working together to meet their multifaceted needs.

This is a private site designed to make the most up to date information from and about the training easily accessible. Navigate this site by using the links above. Please contact Jamie Busch, CIACC Coordinator, for more information, to report inaccuracies or to suggest additional content.

Current Schedule, SY12-13Liaison Contact List
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Overview of the Ocean CIACC Education Partnership
Current Training Materials
10/19- Children's Behavioral Health Resources & Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect 12/7 - Complex Trauma and Grief
Agenda Agenda
The New DCF presentation Complex Trauma presentation
Children's Behavioral Health presentation Grief handouts
MRSS and PESS Decision TreeContact Lynn Snyder of Common Ground Grief Center
Children's Mental Health Disorder Fact Sheet for the Classroom
Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect presentation
Free publications through DCF
1/18 - Truancy and Juvenile Justice System Resources 2/8 - Cultural Competency
Agenda Agenda
PowerpointNational Center for Cultural Competence resources | website
Contact List of Juvenile OfficersLatino/a Culture powerpoint
Contact List of Probation OfficersFamily Success Center - Toms River powerpoint
Orthodox Culture outline
LGBTQ Culture powerpoint
African American Culture powerpoint
3/8 - Intellectual/ Developmental Disability Resources4/12 - Domestic & Teen Dating VIolence
Agendacoming soon!
Contact Liz Manley, Director NJDCF-CSOC
Behavioral Interventions for Youth with ASD ppt
Family Support Center | Family Resource Network
Resource Handouts
Summer Camps list - updated
Insurance Coverage for Autism & DD fact sheet
Disability Related Resources - State | Ocean Co
McKinney Vento Education of Homeless Children & Youth Program - Ocean, Monmouth, & Middlesex Region
Homeless Liaison Handbook
White      Cover, Preface and Table of Contents
Yellow     District Homeless Liaison Responsibilities
Yellow     District of Origin Responsibilities
Yellow     Determination of Homelessness
Yellow     Placement Option Requirements
Yellow     Disputes and Appeals
Yellow     Tuition
Yellow     Transportation
Yellow     Questions & Answers
Yellow     Discussion & Illustrations
White     Forms (not interactive)
Buff     Homeless Web Sites/ Contacts
Buff     Chapter 17 - Education for Homeless Children
Buff     Chapter 17 - Education Programs for Students in State Facilities
Buff     NJSA 18A Homeless
Buff     NJAC 6A:27 Student Transportation
Buff     NJAC 6A:22 Student Residency
Buff     NJDOE Attendance/ Residency Forms, Notices, Info Docs
Blue     Unofficial Reference - Alternative Living Arrangements
Blue     Unofficial Reference - CST Classified Student Transfer
White     District Homeless Liaisons by County and District
White     Homeless Youth Support Services by County and Service
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