The Sheriff’s Emergency Services Unit (ESU) is a team of specially trained officers providing law enforcement services above and beyond what is needed under normal circumstances to protect the security of Ocean County. The unit consists of marine patrol, underwater search and recovery. The ESU officers perform these tasks in addition to their normal assignments.

The mission of E.S.U. is to support the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office and any other requesting law enforcement agencies with a tactical response to critical incidents. Involved incidents may include: hostage situations, barricade situations, sniper situations, apprehension, warrant service, personal protection, and riot control. The tactical team’s main responsibility is the protection of the law and chancery divisions of Superior Court. To accomplish this mission, officers receive specialized training in executive protection and Mobile Field Force; riot control. The team trains 16 hours a month and attends specialized schools around the country. The tactical team is also a first responder to the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station in Lacey Township.

The mission of the Sheriff’s Dive Recovery Team (DRT) is to assist the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office Criminalistics Investigation Unit (CIU) and its Detectives, officers from other agencies, other entities and individuals in locating, identifying, recovering and preserving evidence in the underwater realm. Team members are charged with locating and recovering drowning victims, and conducting underwater and other reconnaissance operations as assigned by the Sheriff.

The Marine Unit is an integral part of the Ocean County Homeland Security Plan conducting critical infrastructure reconnaissance of the many bridges and structures in Ocean County waterways, including the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station. Patrols are conducted as a means to detect and deter any acts of terrorism or criminal activity in these areas. The Marine Unit assisted with 15 missions due to Superstorm Sandy from Barnegat Light to Holgate and Mantoloking to Bay Head.