Missing Persons Unit

The Missing Persons Unit conforms to the policy that ALL reports of missing children and adults will be thoroughly investigated. Additionally, this agency supports that every child reported missing will be considered at risk until significant information to the contrary is confirmed. The Unit provides twenty-four hour assistance to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies regarding cases involving missing persons. Most missing person cases are originated through the local police departments and our Unit provides assistance as requested. Members are attached to the New Jersey State Police and Ocean County Child Abduction Response Teams which assist in the immediate response to an incident when a child abduction is reported.

The Unit was the first Sheriff’s Office in the State of New Jersey to purchase the TRAK System (formally known as “Technology to Recover Abducted Kids” System), now known as the MCAS, “Missing Child Alert System”. The MCAS is designed to assist law enforcement agencies with the immediate dissemination of information concerning missing children and adults. The Unit also assists police agencies with the activations of both the Amber and Silver Alert Programs, which facilitates public participation to assist in locating a missing person.

The Unit provides specialized Missing Persons training to the Ocean County Police Academy – Police and Sheriff’s Officer Recruits, the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice Academy – Basic Investigator Recruits, community partnerships, Parent/Teacher organizations and periodic recurrent training to law enforcement and telecommunicator/dispatcher personnel.

Should you wish to file a missing persons report, you should do so through your local police department. However, the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office, Missing Persons Unit, may be contacted by the following methods:

• By telephone phone icon  732.341.3451

• Email email icon  Missing Persons Unit