Director : John Vollmann
101 Hooper Ave.
Administration Building
Toms River, NJ, 08754

Phone : (732) 929-2157

Administration / Service Desk

The IT Service Desk is available to all Ocean County employees and is the first point of contact to the Department of IT.

For Service Desk Services call :
(732) 929-4715 or ext. 3355

Network Services

Develop, maintain, and secure a highly reliable network infrastructure that is the backbone of the county network, and to provide and maintain network servers and their application services supporting County departments as well as the County's 33 municipalities.

Applications Development and Support

Designs and develops creative and effective Windows and Web solutions to meet service needs and requirements incorporating new or existing technologies and solutions


Supports the various systems in use by the County. Performs daily maintenance duties.

Computer Room Hours are Monday through Friday 7:00 AM - 12:00 AM. The weekend schedule varies.

About the Information Technology Department of Ocean County:

The mission of the Information Technology (IT) Department is to plan, manage, and support the County of Ocean’s information resources.

The IT Department provides technology consulting, system development, Internet and Intranet, strategic planning, data center services, application development, support and network services to County departments and agencies.
Today's Department of Information Technology had it's start in the 1970's, when Freeholder George F. Makin was instrumental in establishing the Department of Data Processing to automate and upgrade the County government's processing of payroll, vendor payments, and other financial data.
As the payroll, accounting, and budget needs of Ocean County grew, manual processing became obsolete and was replaced by electronic processing which could produce and prepare larger quantities of information more expeditiously. Advances in technology have enabled many centralized processing activities to be decentralized throughout all County agencies to individual employee workstations utilizing personal computers.
Today the IT Department is currently responsible for:
  • Maintaining over 1,800 computers and 225 servers throughout the County
  • Expanding and improving the network infrastructure for over 75 locations
  • Providing connectivity to all Internal and External County of Ocean Agencies
  • Maintain and administrate established systems and servers such as the county's electronic mail and Inter and Intranet.
  • Maintain server and system backup and disaster recovery operations
  • Design and develop Windows and Web applications to support Ocean County's business functions.
  • Provides State of the Art training for all current applications and IT practices
  • Explore new and emerging technology by providing pilot programs to evaluate the benefits that these new technologies bring to County Departments and the public.
  • Design, administer, and maintain databases to provide County departments with timely critical information