Accreditation is an advanced and reliable way of assisting law enforcement agencies in analyzing and enhancing their service delivery. The groundwork of Accreditation relies on the implementation of standards that hold an unambiguous proclamation of acknowledged objectives. As a participating agency, the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office has conducted a systematic self-assessment to conclude how current practices can be adapted to meet these objectives. The Sheriff’s Office has gone through great lengths to make sure the necessary procedures are in place. As a result, in December 2012, the Ocean County Sheriff's Office had a team of trained NJSACOP Assessors verify that applicable standards have been successfully implemented.

The Ocean County Sheriff's Office completed the process of attaining Accreditation through the
New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police (NJSACOP). The Sheriff’s Office received its certificate of recognition March 23, 2013.

The Sheriff's Office will be responsible for maintaining compliance and reaccreditation within a three year cycle. Accreditation status represents a significant professional accomplishment. Furthermore, Accreditation acknowledges the implementation of policies and procedures that are theoretically sound, operationally effective and are in line with law enforcement’s best practices.

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Law Enforcement Drug Testing
In accordance with New Jersey Attorney General’s Law Enforcement Directive No. 2018-2, which requires public access to Random Drug Testing policies adopted by law enforcement agencies, the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office has posted our Law Enforcement Drug Testing Policy. The Ocean County Sheriff’s Office is responsible and committed to ensuring we provide the highest level of service to the Ocean County community. An officer’s life, the lives of fellow officers, and the lives of the public depend on each officer’s alertness and their ability to make rational decisions unaffected by illegal drug use. Therefore, Sheriff Michael Mastronardy has implemented a Drug Testing Policy to ensure officers have the physical and mental capacity to perform their duties safely and effectively.
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Early Warning System
The New Jersey Attorney General also requires public access to any Early Warning System policies adopted by law enforcement agencies. The Ocean County Sheriff’s Office has posted our Personnel Early Warning System Policy. Sheriff Mastronardy recognizes the importance of a Personnel Early Warning System that provides a management tool designed to detect negative patterns and trends in law enforcement conduct before that conducts escalates. The Early Warning System assists the department in identifying and remediating problematic officer conduct, when it occurs, that poses a potential risk to the public, The Ocean County Sheriff’s Office, and to the officer. The Early Warning System also tracks commendations and any attributes that an employee may obtain throughout their career.
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Dealing with the Immigrant Community
On November 29, 2018, the New Jersey Attorney General released Directive No. 2018-6. This directive established the guidelines for law enforcement concerning interactions with the Immigrant population in New Jersey. In adherence to this directive, Sheriff Mastronardy implemented a new policy that outlined the proper procedures while encountering our immigrant population.
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