C.S.I. History

The Sheriff's Criminalistics Division was started in 1970 and during that time it was an extension of the Identification Unit. The Detectives were trained in Crime Scene Photography and the processing of latent fingerprints with black powder.

In 1981, Ocean County was one of the very first to use "crazy glue" for the development of latent prints and are presently utilizing this development with great success.

Also in 1981, our Criminalistics Division was the first agency in the State of New Jersey to possess a laser for forensic work. Our Criminalistics Division was one of only a dozen agencies in North America to utilize this technology.

The Connecticut State Crime Lab and the FBI referred cases to Ocean County because of the reputatable advances of the most modern equipment and its availability. Ocean County even assisted the U.S. Secret Service in developing its Laser Program.

In 1985, a renewed enthusiasm and commitment to the law enforcement community came with Sheriff William L. Polhemus and in 1986 a new building was dedicated to the Criminalistics Division.

In 1991 our Criminalistics Division was the first in New Jersey to begin in-house DNA testing.

To contact this division call phone icon 732-929-2119.

C.S.I., 144 Chestnut Street, Toms River, NJ 08753

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