Internal Affairs Unit

The purpose of the Internal Affairs Unit is to establish a mechanism for the receipt, investigation and resolution of complaints of officer misconduct. The goal of Internal Affairs is to insure that the integrity of the organization is maintained through a system of internal discipline where fairness and justice are assured by an objective and impartial investigation and review. In addition, the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office will accept and appreciates commendations from the public when exceptional service has been provided by Sheriff’s Officers and staff members.

The Ocean County Sheriff’s Office’s Internal Affairs Unit acts in accordance with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Guidelines regarding Internal Affairs Policy and Procedures. The Internal Affairs Unit will conduct investigations of allegations of misconduct by members of the department and review the adjudication of minor complaints handled by supervisors. In addition, the Internal Affairs Unit will be responsible for the coordination of administrative investigations involving the non-training discharge of firearms by department personnel, use of force, department vehicular pursuit and accident incidents.

The Internal Affairs Unit has an obligation to investigate or review any allegation of employee misconduct that is a potential violation of the agency’s rules and regulations or which indicates that the employee is unable, unwilling or unfit to perform his or her duties. The obligation to investigate includes not only acts of misconduct that are alleged to have occurred while the subject officer/employee was on-duty, but also acts of misconduct that are alleged to have occurred outside the employing agency’s jurisdiction or while the subject officer/employee was off-duty.