The organizational structure of the Sheriff's Operations Division was newly formed in the latter half of 2012. The Operations Division consists of three units which encompass Emergency Management (OEM), Communications and the Marine Unit.

Division Commander, Captain David Schenk

EMD Course Announcement

Captain David Schenk is responsible for the Operations Division. He began his career with the Sheriff's Office in August 2001. He attended the Ocean County Police Academy and graduated as a member of the 77th Basic Police Class. He served as a sheriff’s officer in the Judicial Security Division from 2001 until November 2005 when he was promoted to sergeant assigned to supervise a squad of sheriff’s officers in the Judicial Security Division. In July 2008, he was promoted to lieutenant and was assigned as the executive officer of the Field Services Division, which comprises the Warrants and Criminal Identification Units. On November 21, 2012 he was promoted to captain and will be responsible for the oversight of the newly revamped Operations Division.

Captain Schenk is a certified Police Training Commission firearms instructor, Tactical Medic and certified F.B.I Chemical Agents Instructor. He has successfully completed many advanced training schools in the disciplines of Field Force Command and Planning, S.W.A.T., Interview and Interrogation, Executive Protection, Leadership and Supervision. He was assigned the task of Accreditation Manager in July 2010 and saw it through to completion of NJSACOP Recognition.

Captain Schenk is an active member of the New Jersey P.B.A., Local 379A, and the National Tactical Officers Association. Captain Schenk holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, with a major in Criminal Justice, in which he attended the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.